Vital statistics
Position Voice Actor, YouTuber (formerly)
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Curtis is a former canadian Youtuber that went (and still goes) under the name of TheCuz5. He voice acts in 3 series, he acts as Dr. Edward Richtofen and Billy Handsome in Nazi Zombies, and Bonnie in FNAF, and Mason in Haunted

Personality Edit

Curtis has a crazy personality, often when playing games, he will laugh maniacally at the mayhem he has caused, or yell at Ty and the others, even shouting " I AM THE GHOST OF MAYHEM!" in one of Ethan's videos. He typically sticks to PC games. He and Ethan met through Ty Waly.

Animations Edit

Curtis has been cast in 9 animations, and cast for 4 characters. He voices these characters:

  • Dr. Edward Richtofen and Billy Handsome in Nazi Zombies.
  • Bonnie The Bunny in Five Night's At Freddy's.
  • Mason in Haunted

Known As... Edit

  • Curtis in real life
  • TheCuz5 (formerly)
  • TheCuz1 on Steam.

Trivia Edit

  • Curtis likes turtles. XD
  • Curtis is very judgmental of games and often judges them based on appearance.
  • Ty and Curtis hang out with each other every single weekend.
  • Curtis is not a brony, but has a pony skin on Garry's Mod.