Season N/A, Episode N/A
Vital statistics
Air date Sometime after July 2015
Written by Ethan Slugoski
Directed by Ethan Slugoski
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Haunted is the second- third animation made by Epix Animations. It is loosely based on Five Night's At Wario's 3, a game by www.wario. This animation is set in a house in a field in Saskatchewan, Canada. It will star Ty Waly (James), Makahla Boston (Lizzie), Curtis (Mason), Nicolas (Larry), and Ethan Slugoski, Brandon Drews, and an unconfirmed actor as the three ghosts that haunt the house. It also features brief dialogue from Dawkos Games and Razzbowski from the phone messages.

Plot Edit

4 friends participate in a dare to spend the night in a house, they soon learn that this is no ordinary home...

Characters Edit

  • James- voiced by Ty Waly
  • Lizzie- voiced by Makahla
  • Mason- voiced by Curtis
  • Larry- voiced by Nicolas
  • Ghosts- voiced by Ethan, Brandon, and and unconfirmed actor.

Development Edit

There is no development as of the current time.

Trivia Edit

  • This animation is loosely based on Five Night's at Wario's 3.
  • This animation features 2 Youtuber's, Dawko and Razzbowski, however, they are just recorded messages from Five Nights at Wario's 3, and not actually voice acting FOR this animation.

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