Nicolas Broughton
Vital statistics
Position Voice Actor
Age 14
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Nicolas Broughton is a voice actor for Epix Animations. He voice acts in 3 of Ethan's series. He was going to act as Cole Denide in Small Town, and Dr. Ludvig Maxis in Nazi Zombies. ore info listed below

Personality Edit

Nicolas has a humorous personality, he makes jokes often. He is also commonly sleeping, and is nearly always tired. He mostly plays PlayStation 3 or 4 titles.

Animations Edit

Nicolas has been cast for 6 animations, and cast for 3 characters. Nicolas voices these characters:

  • Cole Denide in Small Town.
  • Dr. Ludvig Maxis in Nazi Zombies.
  • Larry in Haunted

Known as... Edit

  • Nicolas Broughton in real life
  • "Nic" as a nickname (no pun intended)
  • Accessdenide505C on PSN

Trivia Edit

  • Nicolas has the least amount of roles in the animations, just behind Curtis.
  • Nicolas will eventually start a YouTube channel.
  • When the animation Nazi Zombies was just beginning development back in 2014, Nicolas was casted for the live-action movie as Nikolai Belinski. However, the movie was cancelled. And now holds the role of Ludvig Maxis instead.