The Last Of Us
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Air date Unknown
Written by N/A
Directed by Ethan Slugoski
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The Last Of Us is an animation created by Epix Animations. It is based on Naughty Dogs' The Last Of Us game, which is very popular survival title on the PlayStation. It will feature Makahla Boston as Ellie, and Nicolas Broughton as Joel. It will also follow a slightly different story than The Last Of Us. The script will also be created by someone else other than Ethan Slugoski.

Plot Edit

The plot centers around Joel and Ellie, as they try to get to a safe area, however, they encounter numerous people who try to kill them.

Characters Edit

  • Ellie- voiced by Makahla Boston.
  • Joel- voiced y Nicolas Broughton
  • Numerous Enemies- voiced by multiple actors.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first animation to be written by another person, other than Ethan himself.
  • It does not follow the story of the game.

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