Ty Waly
Vital statistics
Position YouTuber, Voice Actor.
Age 14
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height N/A
Weight N/A

Ty Waly is a Canadian Youtuber under the name of TeckisGaming.He Voice acts in 4 of Ethan's series. He was going to act as Alex Teckis in Small Town, and Tank Dempsey, Russman, and Finn O' Leary in Nazi Zombies, and The Night Guard, and Foxy in FNAF, more info listed below

Personality Edit

Ty is often trying to be comedic and funny, and few times he seems serious about things. Ty commonly plays PC games on Steam. He and Ethan are cousins.

Animations Edit

Ty has been cast in 10 animations for Epix Animations, and cast for 7 characters. Ty voices these characters:

  • Alex Teckis in Small Town
  • Tank Dempsey, Russman, and Finn O' Leary in Nazi Zombies.
  • The Night Guard and Foxy in Five Night's At Freddy's.
  • James in Haunted

Known as... Edit

Ty has been known as:

  • Ty Waly in real life
  • TeckisGaming on YouTube and Gaming platfroms
  • TyAlex2000 (formerly)

Trivia Edit

  • Ty and Ethan are cousins in real life.
  • Ty is a brony, but not the typical kind, he simply likes parody's of the TV Show.
  • Ty was originally known as TyAlex2000 on YouTube, but was hacked.
  • Ty hurt his vocal cords while recording the lines for Tank Dempsey.
  • Ty and Ethan made their first ever video on Five Night's At Freddy's.\
  • Ty holds the record for most roles in the animations, with a total of 7 characters appearing in 10 animations.
  • Ty changed his name on Steam to represent his pony OC, Cutie Cotton.
  • Gorilla man attacked his senpai, R.I.P.