Zombies 2: Part 1
Season None, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date Unknown, sometime after summer 2015
Written by Ethan Slugoski
Directed by Ethan Slugoski
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Nazi Zombies Unknown
Zombies 2: Part 1 (or Nazi Zombies 2: Part 1, or Zombies 2: Ascension) is the sequel to Nazi Zombies. This completely bypasses the events of Kino Der Toten, as Ascension comes afterwards. It will take place in the abandoned Soviet Cosmodrome. It will once again feature Ty Waly, Brandon Drews, Ethan Slugoski, and Curtis.

Plot Edit

The group somehow arrives at Ascension by unknown means. The plot will focus on freeing Gerch.

Characters Edit

Tank Dempsey Edit

Tank Dempsey

Tank appears again in Ascension, except this time, he is covered in blood from the fight at Der Reise. He seems to be slightly more aggressive than he was before. He still despises Richtofen. He is voiced again by Ty Waly

Nikolai Belinski Edit


Nikolai reappears in Ascension with the others, he is still drunk. He was given more dialogue due to lack of it in Der Reise. He still maintains his role as the comic relief of the group. He is voiced by Brandon Drews again.

Takeo Masaki Edit


Takeo appears alongside the rest of the group in Russia, Takeo's beliefs in honor are now practically gone, as he speaks less about it. He will still wield a katana. He is more comedic in this one as well. He is voiced by Ethan Slugoski for a second time.


Edward Richtofen Edit

Richtofen is back with his group, he is still insane, but appears more calm and less crazy, he knows what is going on but holds that info back on the others, resulting in his and Takeo's relationship to begin to fall apart. He is voiced again by Curtis.

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